Tristan Saidi

I am an undergraduate at Columbia University conducting research in Professor Matei Ciocarlie's Robotic Manipulation and Mobility (ROAM) Lab.

Currently, I work on robot learning for dexterous manipulation, and have spent some time working on reinforcement learning for snake locomotion as well. Prior to my time with robotics, I spent a year doing research for Professor Kenneth Shepard in the Bioelectronic Systems Lab

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I'm interested in robotics, machine learning and optimal control, especially in the context of dexterity and manipulation. I want to work towards a better understanding of human dexterity through robots, and I hope that one day we can create robotic systems with human-like manipulation capabilities.

Sampling Based Exploration for Reinforcement Learning of Dexterous Manipulation
Gagan Khandate, Siqi Shang, Eric Chang, Tristan Saidi, Johnson Adams, Matei Ciocarlie
Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS), 2023
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Some projects I have been working on recently in classes, research or my free time!

Examining the geometry of neural mode connecting loss subspaces
Ting Chen, Tristan Saidi,
COMS 4995: Geometric Data Analysis, Spring 2023
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On the Effect of Unsupervised Regularization for Image Classification
Tristan Saidi, Sagarika Sharma, Mitali Juneja, Nikhilesh Belulkar
COMS 4995: Neural Networks and Deep Learning, Fall 2022
code / writeup /

Recreation of Atari's River Raid
Yongmao Luo, Tristan Saidi, Zhaomeng Wang, Jakob Steins
CSEE 4840: Embedded Systems, Spring 2022
code /

Verilog Implementation of an Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter
Tristan Saidi, Bradley Sears
CSEE 4823: Advanced Logic Design, Fall 2021
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